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Do you have an old family photo that you would like to restore? Bates Communications does photo restoration, photo retouching, and photo repair. If you have a ripped photo, we can repair it so that it looks like it was taken yesterday. If you have a faded photo, we can restore it to its original condition, whether is is black and white, color, or sepia. Here are some of the photo restoration feats we can accomplish with our state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

We can

  • Remove water damage from your old photograph
  • Erase cracks.
  • Remove people from photographs
  • Enlarge small snapshots without losing detail
  • Fix grainy photographs so that they are smooth, yet sharp
  • Enhance color and contrast so that the picture looks crisp

We have restored old graduation photographs, Civil War ambrotypes and daguerreotypes, and family group photographs.

The following thumbnails contain links to pages that show our Photo Restoration services. When you click a link, a page displays showing the before and after results. Simply move the mouse over the original and you will see it restored.

Exact prices cannot be quoted here, because they vary with each job. However, they tend to cost between $40-$60, which includes one 8x10" print. Additional prints are $10 apiece.

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