Journalism Writing Samples

Title Publication Description
Hands Off: Programmed Cameras Boston Phoenix This article was one of the first to review the new crop of programable cameras that came out in the early eighties.
Computers and You Boston Globe These four articles are titled "For a Few Bucks, a Publishing Empire," "Fix it Yourself," "Correcting the Writer," and "Translation Software."
Leslie Epstein Portrait & Health Article Bostonia These articles from Boston University's alumni magazine are titled "Creative Writing: Leslie Epstein" and "The Female Athelete," which describes a study showing how exercise affects menstruation.
They Treat Horses, Don't They? The East/West Journal This article profiles acupuncturist Robert Banever, who treats a unique category of four-footed clients: race horses.
Insulin by a Nose Health This article discusses the invention of a new nasal spray that delivers insulin.
The New Pathway at Harvard The New Physician This article describes Harvard's landmark medical education program instituted in the eighties.
New Developments in Handicapped Access Creative Computing This article describes advances in computer access for the disabled.
Laser Zaps Photosensitized Atherosclerotic Plaque Medical World News This article discusses a new method to remove plaque from clogged arteries.
Doctors Try Heat Treatment for Tumors The Boston Globe This article describes a new method, developed at MIT, of shrinking tumors.
Charting Your Personal Supplement Needs Whole Life Times This expanded book review discusses the role personal supplements have in general body health.

What's In Store for Health Insurance

Advisor Today This article describes two tax reform plans: the Simplified
Income Tax Plan and the Growth and Investment Tax Plan and their implications for small businesses.
Orchestrating a Career Woman Engineer A portrait, with photographs, of computer engineer Valerie Brown-Awkward, aimed at undergraduate and graduate students.


Hardware and Software Review Samples

This is a partial list of hardware and software reviews that Peter Bates has written.

Software/Hardware Reviewede Publication Name
Sony MiniDisc Law Office Computing
FinePrint Law Office Computing

CD Liner Notes

This is a partial list of classical music CDs for which Peter Bates has written program notes.

Title Record Company Composer(s)
Fleeting Thoughts MMC Recordings Hillary Koprowski
Richard Stoltzman MMC Recordings Frederick Speck, Frank Stewart, BUrton Berman, Mark Phillips
London Symphony Orchestra MMC Recordings Emma Lou Diemer, Roger Briggs, Greg Bullen, Ray Bokhour, Mitch Hampton


Technical Writing Samples

For technical writing samples, go here.


Web Site Samples

Click the links below to display some of the Web sites Peter Bates has designed.

Title Description
Odette's Boutique This simple one-page site features fast-loading graphics and a compact presentation style.
Margaret Press This site features the novels and other writings of mystery writer Margaret Press.
Sara Press Photography This site features the art photography of Sara Press.
Sara Press Wedding Photography This site features the wedding photography of Sara Press. It is notable for its extensive picture portfolio.
Barron Chiropractic This Web site describes Barron Chiropractic. It is notable in its use of CSS stylesheets in the navigation buttons.


List of Other Publications

This is a partial list of the periodicals that have published Peter Bates over the years.

Ad East, Advances for Medicine, Classical disCDigest, Computer and Electronics Graduate, Creative Computing, Health, New England Computer Advertiser, Personal Computing, Photomethods, The Boston Computer Society (Macintosh Users Group Newletter, Kaypro Users Group Newsletter), The Boston Globe Sci-Tech, The Boston Phoenix, The New Physician, Views--the Magazine of Photography, Woman Engineer, Whole Life Times.

In addition, Peter Bates writes reviews for the Web magazines Stylus and Ezine Articles.